‘Looking for Mushrooms’

Georg Dahled: Exhibition View, Looking for Mushrooms at CATHY, Furth Im Wald, Germany . Email from Rosie Dahlstrom to Georg Dahled, Tuesday 4th October 2022 “Hey Georg, I've attached here a draft of what I've written up for your exhibition. I already happened to be thinking about this idea but I wasn't sure what to… Continue reading ‘Looking for Mushrooms’

‘Traces of a Future Portland’

Rosie Dahlstrom: 'Belleisle', Still from 'Traces of a Future Portland' by Portland Collective, 2020. Image credit: Belleisle Conservatory, Ayr The isle has been the site of quarries for centuries, but the growth of cities like London, with the capital status as the world’s most important urban centre, built on the wealth gained plundering people and… Continue reading ‘Traces of a Future Portland’

On Glasgow Drawing Club

Starting a new series of articles in 2020, in which I go back and reflect on some of the  experiences I had last year. This is the first one: 'Glasgow Drawing Club' was a group exhibition of 12 Glasgow-based or Glasgow-connected emerging artists in the Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, 7th - 11th November… Continue reading On Glasgow Drawing Club