‘A Composite of Loss’

The following short piece of prose is a text-collage of historical, cultural and imaginative responses to accounts that I came across during my Delphyne research into women, religion, and transgressive sexuality. It was published in Portland Magazine’s January 2020 issue.  A Composite of Loss   I kneel before the Way of Sorrows. The men grip… Continue reading ‘A Composite of Loss’

On Delphyne: Part 4

Smoke and Visions Rosie Dahlstrom: digital collage of Delphyne with a cigarette, 2018 'Feet don't fail me now,Take me to the finish line,Oh, my heart, it breaks every step that I take,But I'm hoping at the gates, they'll tell me that you're mine.'Lana Del Rey, 'Born to Die' (from Born to Die, Polyador/Interscope Records, 2012)… Continue reading On Delphyne: Part 4

On Confessions

“The confession has spread its effects far and wide. It plays a part in justice, medicine, education, family relationships, and love relations, in the most ordinary affairs of everyday life, and in the most solemn rites; one confesses one's crimes, one's sins, one's thoughts and desires, one's illnesses and troubles; one goes about telling, with… Continue reading On Confessions