On Delphyne: Part 3

Gender Many female figures involved in Christian history have transcended their given gender roles in varying ways, as we remember from the earlier examples of Joan of Arc, Abbess Benedetta or Pope Joan. For some female would-be saints their male guise was to prove how special and godly they were, that their divine purpose could… Continue reading On Delphyne: Part 3

On Delphyne: Part 2

Martyrdom "One of the signs of a true seer was the feeling of unworthiness, of not meriting God's grace. What better way to show this than to ask God for physical suffering? Many female saints had undertaken such penitance and had been blessed with debilitating ailments that allowed them to exercise both their humility and… Continue reading On Delphyne: Part 2

On The Violent Lesbian: Part 4

This final instalment of my Violent Lesbian series is vaguely on the huge subject of pornography. I hope to show that by considering porn and its current impact on our sexuality, most of the strands of my arguments over the past few posts will naturally come together in a pleasing conclusive cum shot. Something to… Continue reading On The Violent Lesbian: Part 4