On Giglets: Part 1

Rosie Dahlstrom: ‘Giglets’, series of 50 ceramic sculptures, 2019 (installation shot of 13th Hour exhibition, February 2019)

Below is a text piece I wrote about the thought process of making the Giglets; then I animated the words into a stop motion film. The projection of this film and the Giglets themselves as documented above were exhibited in a show with 4 other artists called 13th Hour in BSMT, Dalston, on 18th February 2019.

earth shaped by hand.

the light stroke of fingers

and softly laid prints, ossified,

the moment fossilised.

nail-scratched and palm-pressed,

now weighed down by dark.

filled with dirt,

the mouth still sings.

the lamella melts like sparkling butter

shifting slime

over bone shards and black teeth.

the mouth of the fossil

murmurs forgotten stories.

the eye is a hole, a space in clay.

Rosie Dahlstrom: Stills from ‘The Eye is a Hole’, stop-motion animation, duration 2 minutes, 2019

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