On Delphyne: Part 1

Lord, either let me suffer or let me die ... Some notes on the things I find interesting that feed into, inform, the content of my project Delphyne: Guardian of the Oracle of Delphi. This project considers the relationship between women and belief, women and religion, women and hereticism and fanaticism, the idea of being… Continue reading On Delphyne: Part 1

On ‘The Uncanny’

There is in fact a path from phantasy back to reality again - and that is art. Sigmund Freud, 'Introductory Lectures', 1922 Freud's essay on 'The Uncanny' is one of those seminal texts that was always brought up throughout my art-life, especially in my undergrad in GSA, and particularly 2nd year in which everything we made… Continue reading On ‘The Uncanny’

On Giglets: Part 3

'The study of these products of folk-psychology [myth, legend, and fairy-tales] is by no means complete; however it is highly likely that myth, for instance, corresponds to the distorted remains of the wishful fantasies of whole nations, the secular dreams of youthful humanity.' Sigmund Freud, 'Creative Writers and Day-dreaming', 1908          … Continue reading On Giglets: Part 3

On Giglets: Part 1

Rosie Dahlstrom: 'Giglets', series of 50 ceramic sculptures, 2019 (installation shot of 13th Hour exhibition, February 2019) Below is a text piece I wrote about the thought process of making the Giglets; then I animated the words into a stop motion film. The projection of this film and the Giglets themselves as documented above were exhibited… Continue reading On Giglets: Part 1

On Photoshop

Rosie Dahlstrom: Collages from 'Delphyne' series, digital collages, 2018 On Monday 29th October 2018 I, finally, got my head around Photoshop. It was a momentous day. Every day since then, I have been on a computer messing about with Photoshop. Mastering the tech skills has been on my to-do list since art school first time… Continue reading On Photoshop