On Giglets: Part 1

Rosie Dahlstrom: 'Giglets', series of 50 ceramic sculptures, 2019 (installation shot of 13th Hour exhibition, February 2019) Below is a text piece I wrote about the thought process of making the Giglets; then I animated the words into a stop motion film. The projection of this film and the Giglets themselves as documented above were exhibited… Continue reading On Giglets: Part 1

On Photoshop

Rosie Dahlstrom: Collages from 'Delphyne' series, digital collages, 2018 On Monday 29th October 2018 I, finally, got my head around Photoshop. It was a momentous day. Every day since then, I have been on a computer messing about with Photoshop. Mastering the tech skills has been on my to-do list since art school first time… Continue reading On Photoshop